Movie is a simple pack of three stories with enough content added from all other sides. Director Madhura Sreedhar has surely picked up a story line that every fresh Engineering graduate identifies himself with but the required depth of narration lacked consistency. Screenplay was found to have some loopholes while it excelled in few parts. Dialogues from Madhura Sreedhar and Mohan Bharadwaj were light in weight, casual yet most elaborative when looked from story perspective. Cinematography by PG Vinda was awesome only in picturization of songs. Music by Sunil Kashyap was impressive in songs like ‘Sarigamapadani’ and ‘Oka Snehame’ while background wise, he scored marks. Editing by Lokesh Chenna was not upto the mark as many scenes ended abrupt. Production values of Larsco and Lagadapati Sirisha Sreedhar were good.